Sunday, May 29, 2011

Online OSHA Safety Training Team Arrives Home Safely From Mississippi Delta Flood Region

The team is back! The trip to Mississippi and Louisiana was both necessary and beneficial for not only the flooded by the Mississippi River people, but for the entire Online OSHA Safety Training team as well! With all that is happening across the world, we are happy to report that we feel we made a huge difference, in at least one area of this weathered American location. That location is Mississippi and her people are so tattered and bruised we could hardly spend one hour not sharing in their distress, with our own tears.

Strength and Courage in OSHA Training

As safety training educators, and what we would like to think of ourselves as, professionals, the human side of us all could not be kept from view. It became so bad at times that we had to retreat back to our hotel room in Biloxi just to gather some sense of decorum and composure. As a team, we knew we needed to set an example for the proud Southern people that at the very least attempted to mimic their undying strength and dexterity.

All Deserving Flood Assistance and OSHA 30 and 10 Hour Experience

We wanted so badly to assist and nurture all of the people that we came across on our trip to the Mississippi Delta but with time running out and resources stretched to the brink of collapse, we had to service the ones that needed our help the most. The strength of the Mississippian people is an awesome spectacle to behold and we often wondered just how we would respond if the same flooding, would happen here at home in Ohio? We shudder to think about that nightmarish scenario, but we believe, that we Ohioans would demonstrate a mirror image, of what the Mississippian people portray, in times of disasters.

About the Author

Scott Johnson, co-founder of Online OSHA Safety Training, guides the flow of the site as well as the employees that make up this spectacular safety training resource. Scott also makes certain that everything is in order, both online and in the real world. An avid fisherman, Scott spends what little time he has away from Online OSHA Safety Training chasing Walleye and Pike on the Winnipeg River.

Senior Vice President -Scott Johnson

Scott has also been awarded with multiple accomplishments in his years as a teacher. His experience as a former production supervisor for a power supply company has created an open-minded and open-hearted Vice President, whose door is perpetually open for any situation.

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